CARD stands for the Association of Curators and Artists, which operates from Lisbon, Portugal, and Prague, Czech Republic.
We organize and can provide support for the organization of art projects.


We are in the process of building a team for the Portuguese branch of the project, and are looking for a collaborator to shoot reports on contemporary art in Portugal.
If you are interested, please contact us.


We are also currently working on a new art project dealing with the theme of “re-placement, uncertainty, the sea, boundaries, Lisbon.” The project has a long-term, collaborative character.
For now, you can view the project’s trailer (slideshow, 3’15”, silent, flash player required). Further details will be published soon.


A recent project produced by CARD, 193 m a.s.l., can be viewed here (flash player required).


CARD has also established and operates the Exhibitions on Tour International Database, an informational tool for curators and directors of art museums and galleries.


If you would like to learn more about our projects, or if you are interested in becoming an associate member and would like to participate in our activities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


CARD, association of curators and artists
Phone: PT +351 966 784 527, CZ +420 731 571 153
Contact address PT: Largo de Santa Luzia No 7 – 4 Andar, 1100-487 Lisbon, Portugal
Contact address CZ: Sinkulova 737/14, 147 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic

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